The Festival of Boogie Woogie,
Blues and unforgettable entertainment
Wendy DeWitt Frank Muschalle Trio
Nirek Mokar Slezák Csaba Sondre & Tanya
Pribojszki Mátyás Thorbjorn & Flora
Koch Barnabás Zink Ferenc Dániel Balázs
december, 2016

Show at its best!

All of the events of the festival are not simply concerts, but real show programmes. The simultaneous playing of 4, 6, 8 or more hands are real curiosities on the stage.


The Dániel Balázs Trio, guest musicians, professional dancers and special surprise guests take care of the unforgettable mood.

Boogie Show

During the concert

The organizer of the festival

The engine of the festival is the internationally acclaimped pianist from Győr, Dániel Balázs. He plays not only in Hungary, but also regular guest at foreign boogie festivals. The most well-known artists accepts his invitation year by year.


Sure thing, this year’s festival will have a lot of surprises!

Mr. Firehand - Dániel Balázs

Hungarian Ambassador of Boogie Woogie

Not only for the ears,
but for the eyes, too!

Besides music, dance plays an important role on the programmes of Boogiefeszt. Improvistaion characterize boogie woogie the most, so this is true for the dinamic and spectacular dance too.


Come here, and have a look at these unique movements!

One of the main performers: Dance

Step. step, triple step

Double Boogie Show!


Due to the big interest, the festival feature two completely different main concerts, called Boogie Show.


Don't miss any of them!

6th Boogiefest session

During the show
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What is Boogie Woogie?

Music, dance, lifestyle… This joyful musical style of the 30’s and 40’s America calls every time the audience’s attention immediately with its groove, rhythm and virtuosity. The genre had its golden age that time, but it is originated from former times.

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Everything what is Boogiefeszt

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International performers at the festival

Following the traditions, the best artists of boogie woogie will come to the festival this year aswell. Moreover, it will be truly international, because you can expect perormers from the United...

Colorful programmes at Boogiefeszt!

9th Boogiefeszt will give everybody something to hear, listen and dance to. The event will follow the well-tried programme structure of the previous years.

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1. Hamburger Blues und Boogie Festival

1. Hamburger Blues und Boogie Festival

The first boogie woogie festival in Europe was held in Hamburg, in 1988. The exact date of the festival is every year 08.08., this refers to the 88 keys of a piano. Axel Zwingenberger and Vince Weber organizes this highly successful festival every year since then, this year it was the 25th jubilee. The organizer of Boogiefeszt...

New album of Dániel Balázs has been released

New album of Dániel Balázs has been released

The festival's organizer has released a brand new album recently, called Boogie Cocktail. In addition to his signature boogie woogie, you can enjoy blues, stride and New Orleans jazz numbers aswell on this solo CD. For more information visit Mr. Firehand's official website.