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december, 2017

Anniversary Boogie Show


10th Boogiefeszt will celebrate its anniversary with an amazing conertshow in Audi Arena Győr. 


After ten years of success and sold out concerts, the masters of boogie woogie are preparing the most exciting concert of recent years.

Exciting concertshow

Audi Aréna Győr

Mungo Jerry (UK)


The composer of the hit 'In The Summertime' will play together with the organizer, which will be a real treat to hear.


The Mungomania feeling can be expereinced live in Győr!

In The Summertime

composer of the world hit song

Show at its best!


Every event of the festival is not a single concert but a real show. You can see virtuoso piano battles, instrument solos and many more during the events.


The Dániel Balázs Trio, guest musicians, professional dancers and surprise guests guarantee a fantastic mood.

Boogie Show

During the concert

The organizer of the festival


The engine of the festival is the internationally acclaimed pianist from Győr, Dániel Balázs. He plays regularly in Europe and has already toured in the United States aswell.


He is preparing many surprises for the anniversary festival!

Mr. Firehand - Dániel Balázs

Hungarian Ambassador of Boogie Woogie

Not only for the ears,
but for the eyes, too!

Besides music, dance plays an important role during the programmes of Boogiefeszt. Improvisation is essential for boogie woogie, and this is true for this energetic dance aswell.


Come here, and have a look at these unique moves!

One of the main performers: Dance

Step, step, triple step
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What is boogie woogie?

Music, dance, lifestyle… This joyful musical style of the 30’s and 40’s America calls every time the audience’s attention immediately with its groove, rhythm and virtuosity. The genre had its golden age that time, but it is originated from former times.

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Special guest: MUNGO JERRY

The special guest of the 10th Anniversary Boogiefeszt is the world famous MUNGO JERRY! The composer of the hit 'In The Summertime' will play together with the organizer, which will be a real treat to...

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