The Festival of Boogie Woogie,
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Pleszkán Écska Dániel Balázs Trió
december, 2019
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What is boogie woogie?

Music, dance, lifestyle… This joyful musical style of the 30’s and 40’s America calls every time the audience’s attention immediately with its groove, rhythm and virtuosity. The genre had its golden age that time, but it is originated from former times.

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Boogiefeszt  »  Friss hírek a boogie világából  »  A taste of Meade Lux Lewis’ playing

A taste of Meade Lux Lewis’ playing

We can hear a boogie woogie classic performed by Meade Lux Lewis and Big Joe Turner. In this clip an actor is playing Joe, but the pianist is Lewis himself. He played his riffs with a fantastic power, he never looked on the keys. Among the three main boogie woogie pianists maybe he had the most complex style, he used a lot of plolyrhythms with diverse right and left hand figures.

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